Wellesbourne Sports & Community Centre Branding And Identity

A new identity for the community. Accompanying a big refurbishment of the sports and community centre, Wellesbourne needed a new look and feel to launch the centre as the focus of the community. The style needed to be inclusive, approachable and friendly enough to appeal to a variety of people, including adults and children, while at the same time inspiring people to get involved in sports.

We worked with them to develop a vibrant and friendly identity that would not only visually reinvent the area, but also encapsulate a connected local community.

The Identity

Taking inspiration from sports pitch lines and the geographical layout of the local airfield, we created a fresh and visually powerful mark that would give the centre a strong identity. The crossed lines within the mark symbolises the 'connected community' and are used as a graphical device throughout the identity.

The colour palette was designed to be fresh and flexible, with a visual nod to grass sports, complimented by a smarter dark blue. The colours can be used in different combinations, to keep communication varied, but consistent and on-brand, with the flexibility to be used over imagery or as two-colour prints.

Marketing Poster Marketing Poster

The Style

The local community was all about pride, honesty and togetherness. We utilised large images of real people and bold, rounded typography to deliver the marketing communication and supported this with simplistic layouts for stationery and wayfinding.

We developed a launch campaign concept around the word ‘hello’, which would not only be used to initially introduce the new centre, but also as a generic message to drive interest in its offerings: fitness, fun and friends. ‘Hello’ is a simple and friendly word all ages can relate to, ensuring the approachable tone is honoured in their marketing.







Signage and merchandise Signage and merchandise

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