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Adventure Travel Trade Show

Every year we work with Lifemarque — the parent company for Lifeventure, Lifestsytems and LittleLife — to update and install their trade show presence at Outdoor in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The overall concept is clean and minimal, giving plenty of opportunity for us to change the walls each season and tell different product stories.

The trick with this space was to bring the three brands together with a seamless feel and local flow. This was so sales staff at the events could take their customers on a easy journey through the space and product and up-sell merchandise their customer may not have considered before. This is a good example of a retail meeting event experience, where we mixed the best of both worlds delivering a sales platform that increases orders.


After proposing two very different design concepts to Lifemarque, we went with the clean, monolithic option that provided maximum display space, high level brand imagery, signage and is extremely modular. We introduced internal retail visual merchandising, with softer feature displays, so customers could interact with the product. Around the outside of the space we had a showcase of product videos and brand adventures — shot and produced by us.

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