Compelling Trade Show environment

Rab & Lowe Alpine tasked us with creating an imposing stand that would elevate and accurately portray the focus and personality of their brand alongside a practical sales working space. Part of the brief was to portray confidence in both the brands and the team, so we set out to take risks and be dynamic. Both brands needed to stand out, so bold was key. We needed to wow existing customers and make new potential customers wonder “why have I not noticed this before?” while simultaneously increasing the dwell time in sales environment, creating a comfortable setting with interesting and informative touch points.

Our experienced spatial designers took straight to paper and developed the amazing ideas into 3D generated visuals and animated video features, so both Rab and Lowe Alpine could see the evolution of our shared vision; a bold and imposing space. However, this was not to be style over substance; at the heart of this concept were well thought out displays that told stories to engage and charm the customers.

Design & Development

From the original concept in 2014, we have worked with Rab & Lowe Alpine to evolve the show to accommodate their full product lines and key stories. Creating the balance between product density, with concepts that are ‘retail ready’ and the overall brand experience, featuring lead stories and touch points throughout the space..


Design Wireframes


Design Wireframes


Design Wireframes

Building a picture

For every show, we build visual tone decks that set the stage. These become our springboards for designing the displays, creating something bespoke and fit for the brand.

Feature Displays

Here we highlighted key products with free-standing units and wall displays; framing the products with the technical benefits and features.

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