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August in Review


Another month has gone and it appears to have taken the sunshine with it (fingers crossed for some late summer sun). As always, it’s been all hands on deck here at Whiteroom HQ, with projects finishing, starting and evolving at pace.

Bake-Off Sweepstakes has begun!

We love a good “friendly” competition here at Whiteroom HQ, so when the idea was floated to do one that also involved eating baked goods on a weekly basis we were in. The rules are simple, whoever’s Baker goes each week has to bake for the team within the category on which their Baker failed - make sense? Then the winner at the end takes all! And by all we mean a bakery themed item - bring on the cake stand!

So far Chloe #1 and Chloe #2 are down a Baker, but there’s still a long way to go!

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Giant HQ

We’re lucky enough to have been on a 10 year journey with Giant, with our latest project taking us to their HQ in Leicester where we transformed some unused space in to a multiple showrooms and an outdoor area to accommodate their growing dealer conference.

In the studio...

A little behind the scenes peek at what the branding team are working on at the moment. If this iteration didn't make the cut, imagine what's to come.


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Screen Shot 2018 09 11 At 11 53 16

Screen Shot 2018 09 11 At 11 52 55

Screen Shot 2018 09 11 At 11 54 11


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