Christmas Wine Collaboration 2016


For 2016 we have decided to bring back our collaboration with one of the UK’s oldest wine making estates in the country — Astley Vineyards. This year we have selected one of the estate’s finest award–winning wines made with the ‘Madeleine Angevine’ grape. With our branding team designing the labels and packaging, these boxed collections are a Christmas gift to some of our closets and fondest clients. It is thanks to you and your amazing comments on the quality of the wine that we have really enjoyed working with Astley Vineyards on this collaboration.

Astley Vineyards

One of the UK’s oldest and well established vineyards beginning in 1970’s by viticultural pioneers Michael and Betty Bache. Today the estate is owned and managed by Jonty Daniels. During that period, the shift in English wine production has gone from pioneering experimentation to tried and tested modern viticulture, adapted to the English environment. The main 5 acre vineyard is sited within half a mile of the River Severn. There, the vines have benefited from their intimate river valley microclimate.

The wine industry is dominated by large globalised drinks companies that create huge quantities of homogeneous products that of necessity are made from grapes sourced from many regions. At Astley, the aim is to celebrate the opposite: the single vineyard wine that maximises the full effect of the Astley environment on its wine. All great wines are made in the vineyard and the careful management of the Astley grapes and their subsequent vinification has consistently demonstrated no compromise on quality. Over 85% of all Astley wines ever produced have won awards and most at international level.

The integrity of Astley wine products is also endorsed and recommended by Rick Stein and features in his Food Guide. The estate has also been visited by TV companies and will feature in upcoming 2017 productions.

Astley wines are not available in supermarkets or multiple outlets. Although they can be found in a few specially selected stores, we would encourage people to visit the vineyard shop. Here, you can take advantage of free tasting from the full range of wines and — if you wish — enjoy a walk around the vineyard and wooded valley surroundings.

Special thanks to Jonty Daniels for collaborating with Whiteroom and crafting a beautiful product.

for more information you can contact Jonty on +44 (0)1299 822907.


Craig White

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