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New partnership with Codemasters


Since November 2016 Whiteroom and Codemasters have been working together on defining the brand tone and experience at their global HQ campus in Southam, Warwickshire. Codemasters are one of the UK’s most well known and experienced international video games development companies, with huge success throughout the 90’s with productions that included Colin Mcrae Rally, Micro-Machines, Brian Lara Cricket and more. 

Today they are one of the worlds leading Motorsport games developers and are the official licensed game developers for Formula 1. To express their passion and status as the worlds number 1 Motorsports development company Whiteroom are delivering new brand communication and new physical spaces. We are starting with the main welcome area, designed to inspire and wow staff, visitors and the press. This phase will be completed by our teams for Christmas 2017. 

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