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What we can learn from the KKW Beauty Pop-Up


Love her or hate her, you can’t argue that Kim Kardashian West doesn’t know how to appeal to her market. Her latest endeavour, KKW Beauty, is no exception, with its first concept pop-up store opening in Westfield Century City in LA last week and, no surprises here, is absolutely killing it.

Even if contouring isn’t your thing, there is an important retail lesson to be taken from all of this and it’s a principle that can be applied to many different industry, not just beauty.

When marketing to an Instagram generation, you have to play to their need to self-promote. It may not be your cup of tea, but the #selfie can make brands overnight, so don’t underestimate people’s desire to promote themselves. While this seems obvious, it’s still something a lot of brand stores are forgetting to consider. You can design something dramatic, inspiring, jaw-dropping even, but if your consumer can’t engage with it and take a snap, it’s potentially wasted. After all a photo speaks a thousand words, the proofs in your Instagram pudding.  

KKW Beauty pulled this off in an incredible simple, yet affective way, and the hashtags have been flooding with consumer content since the opening last week. Oversized make-up containers mimicking the design of the products themselves adorned the walls and tables, creating an almost Alice in Wonderland in-store experience, skewed in the plush nude tones of the KKW Beauty brand palette. The consumers loved it and it’s generated a lot of media coverage.

No doubt the pop-up will be incredible profitable for KKW Beauty, but you can be sure the value of this experience will be mostly measured in brand recognition & loyalty.

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Laura Coggles

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