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Localising a global brand


LIV is the first cycling brand completely dedicated to women. Born from Giant — the worlds largest bicycle manufacturer — LIV has its first standalone women’s store now open in York.

No matter the rider’s level or style, LIV provides tailor-made products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling. LIV offers a comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles.

Consumer influence on retail is a shifting pattern, forcing global retailers to re-think their traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach. Part of this is activating local communities with cultural programming. This is the principle strategy for the LIV store model.

Like the brand itself, who craft products specifically for female riders, our approach to the retail concept was the same. Working with the LIV team, we set about curating a unique retail model built on localisation. As the first town to deliver the first standalone LIV shopping experience, York became the perfect town to execute an individual shopping experience.

York is a boutique shopping city with a diverse cycling community. It would have been easy to select a large out-of-town unit. However, the team carefully selected a premises perfectly suited to the town it sits in. A three storey former town house was fully converted into 120m² of bicycle retail goodness.

The store is the beginning of a deeper focus on how LIV will express their global ideas in a more local way.

Each level of the store represents a different cycling discipline. The ground floor is dedicated to leisure and city riders, the 1st floor to performance road and aero riders, with the 2nd floor for off-road. The store is managed by local cycling community enthusiasts. They are able to offer an authentic and honest service and, being experts on the local cycling scene, providing invaluable advice and experience that traditional sales staff could not offer. The store also provides added value with ride camps and product experience events to support the local community.

The store is now open to the public.


Craig White

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