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Miami, November 2018


Last week saw a few of us from WRHQ visit Miami Beach for Merrell’s global brand conference. Managing to steal a bit of downtime, we travelled over the bridge to explore the Miami Design District. It is described as a creative neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, architecture and dining. Made up mainly of high-end designer stores, cafes and restaurants, we visited the likes of Balenciaga, Celine, Theory and Aesop.

The most intriguing aspect of this small neighborhood was the distinct contrast in architecture. As you walked the streets each building is completely unique, uncovering a fresh style shop by shop. From marble to concrete and huge painted murals to buildings completely cladded in real tree bark… All this before you even entered a store! The Miami Design District is a must visit if you are every in town.

Rag & Bone

The store that stood out the most for me was Rag & Bone. The New York brand have a clean and modern product range, often taking cues from elements of raw industrialism. This come across in their store, with projections onto concrete textures and ‘work in progress’ wall finishes. As for the brand experience, store staff provide coins to use in vending machines, giving out branded M&Ms, temporary tattoos, stickers and more. While upstairs, the private lounge with it’s own whiskey bar (don’t mind if I do) adds an edge of exclusivity to an already premium product range.

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Jacob Topham

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