A Fresh Retail Look 

Weird Fish is a brand born from the British coast lifestyle. It has now developed into one of the most recognised multi-channel brands in the UK. In pursuit of offering their customers the best online and off-line experience we worked closely with the Weird Fish team to develop a new physical retail look that was influenced by their online sales. 


Visual Merchandising 

The store concept is built on a solid visual merchandising strategy, designed to have a commercial ‘Ready to Wear’ feel to suit the Weird Fish demographic. We created product presentations that were both accessible and shoppable, established a self-service environment, and designed the layout and display mechanics to encourage floor rotation for returning customers. 

A Digital Influence 

We have added value to the Weird Fish physical brand experience by utilising information provided by online buying behaviour. Key story displays are positioned in prime locations in both menswear and womenswear, these 'buy the look' displays are directly merchandised with the current top rated and best selling looks online. Each month these louver panels back drop displays are swapped out with the latest best selling product. However we don't advertise this in-store, instead it is a subtle nod to the brand's online presence, using digital buying trends to boost sell through of prime looks.  



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In-Store Orders

Customers can order items online that they can't find in-store. These can arrive in-store next day or direct to the customers address. This staff assisted tool minimises any potential loss of sale.

Famous Tees

Weird Fish are well known for their characterful and playful artist t-shirts. We set about making this offering a draw and destination. Hugely popular with men, we positioned the offering at the rear of stores with clear lines of sight so it becomes a destination. Being close to the changing rooms it's prime for impulse buying too.   

Where it started

The result

The result is reflection of a brand in-tune with nature, it’s heritage and optimal visual merchandising. The design touches and textures are an approachable seamless style and design language for the brand. This supports a store based on category zones fit for monthly product displays, and stories that are all shoppable and ready to wear. 

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